Team Trainings & consulting

GKI provides impactful and engaging professional development workshops for both experienced and first time educators. All participants receive directly implementable tools and activities which can immediately be practiced with a diverse range of youth.

“The positive energy and passion of Ryan was extremely clear and empowering. I feel 150% more confident in approaching conflict and practicing restoration with my students.”


A comprehensive and immersive experience designed to empower both first time and experienced Program Leaders with all the skills they need to make SMARTE agreements, build relationships, encourage Youth Leadership, and resolve conflicts with Restorative Practices.

All participants receive experiential exercises and resources which can be immediately implemented with youth. (3 x 5-hour modules can be deliverede virtually or in person.)

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Saving the World with Service Learning: The next generation will face some of the largest environmental, social, and political challenges in history. Learn how to use Youth Leadership, Project Based Learning, and Community Involvement to empower your students to become the needed change makers of tomorrow, today! (2 hour in person)

Active Math! - Learn counting, arithmetic, and rhythm with these fun physical math activities. Can be applied to both virtual and in-person program environments. (2 hour in person)

Practical Restorative Practices: Learn how to apply the principles of Restorative Practices and Non-Violent Communication to mediate conflicts in ways which encourage youth to identify and implement their own solutions to conflict and transform their programs into spaces where students feel safe, supported, and ready to learn! (2 hour in person)

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virtual Parent & Community Workshops

We will soon be offering resources and training for parents and community members on topics ranging from Restorative Communication, making Agreements, and Emotional Resilience. If you are interested, please reach out to


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